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Poem: Ruby Red Lips

ruby red lips
full of vitality
a pained reminder
of the ravages
age upon body
filled with such jealously of it wasted
on the unappreciative youthful years

ruby red lips
will never again age
in the cold embrace
of awaiting grave 
where our time does stop
cold countenance for immortality
that lasts an eternity without tears

I thought that addressing the pet peeve of wasted youth and how it reminds us of aging, and how to stop that process might meet the spirit of Halloween for Ms Jade‘s Halloweeny Duodora ( a quatorzain made up of 2 septets.
syllabic, 4/6/5/5/5/10/10 syllables per line. rhymed Axxxxxb Axxxxxb L1 is repeated as a refrain that begins the 2nd stanza. x is unrhymed) prompt over at d’Verse.


18 thoughts on “Poem: Ruby Red Lips

  1. The idea of wasted youth can certainly be irritating — and haunting! This part feels so much like a curse:
    “cold countenance for immortality
    that lasts an eternity without tears”
    You captured the spirit of the prompt very well, TJS and in a well-crafted duodora form. A generous packet of candy corns for you!


  2. T.,
    The contrasts you draw pale in comparison to the death-wound of squandered youth: your choice of phrase to repeat, “ruby red lips,” is a flagrant reminder of this when only the grave awaits.

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