Poem: Night Falls Hopeless

Night falls on the city. I’m here falling on my knees. Somewhere out there I picture you falling in between the world you came Night falls on the city like a late winter snow--gradually, subtly, until its upon you. A smothering darkness.  I’m here falling on my knees. Somewhere out there I picture you falling in between the world you came from and the world you found yourself in. A snowflake existing in duality--frozen hard as ice or melting and washing away.

I’ve always been a page in a book, easy to read. You know how I feel about you. I told you before you left. It didn’t keep you frozen. You left me with a friendly kiss on the cheek. The warmth of your lips quickly giving way to the chill of your absence.

I wanted to show you how I wanted to be kissed--a fire that would melt the ice from you heart. You were already out the door before I could get it ignited. 

There is always more to be said and never enough time to say it in. Watching you is like watching a clock wind down, and knowing time is running out. I couldn’t find the time to say those three words you needed to hear. Those words might have kept you here, wound the clock back. 

Your choices are always your own, though I wonder if I could have changed your mind. I wonder if I’m responsible for what happens to you. Unlike you, I was never good at letting go.

I can't change the mind
that holds my heart carelessly
and yet I still try

This week’s experimental poem is a prose poem, with an extra haiku at the end as a bonus. To read more about this poetry form by clicking here.

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.

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