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Poem: Tending to the Flowers

I know it’s late
Or maybe it’s early
Time doesn’t mean much
To me any more
When the hours are leaves
Just falling away
I’m trying to tend my garden
And thought that maybe
You might have some words
To help water it
You were always a nurturer 
Because right now I’m just standing 
In shit waiting for something
To grow out of this mess
That I’ve found myself in
Do you think you could spare
A thought or two for me
I know you’re just waking up
And you told me not to call
When I’ve been drinking
Which I haven’t been
Well maybe one or two
But I wanted to catch your voice
As the sun was rising
Where it sparkles 
In my ears as motivation
To push through one more day
That would lead me home to you
To tend our garden
That’s now bare
Well mine is
How’s yours doing
Beautiful as always
I hope
You’re doing well
For me that’s enough
I’ll just be over here
Kicking up the dirt
Hoping that something will grow
Falling asleep to the ringing
From your disconnected telephone 

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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