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Poem: Lonely Halls with Echos of Plans

In rooms where guests used to congregate in I sit alone
With my thoughts focused on the notable absence of you
Whose angelic voice would fill up these hollow halls with song
Where the people would dance and marvel at the spectacle 
I would sit smiling watching my bride-to-be bringing joy
More content then than I ever knew could be possible
Until you were stolen too early from blossoming life
Betrayed by friends turned enemies cloaked in reek of deceit 
Alone now I think on love lost and revenge as a salve
With blade carrying the name Elisa in your honor
The cries of vanquished enemies will be the song it sings
In the wailing of their defeat I will remember you
I will be relentless until the last voice falls silent
Then I will lay down my sword to come to your side once more

This week’s experimental poem is a Fourteener, a poem consisting of lines containing 14 syllables per line. You can read more about this form by clicking here.

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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