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Poem: Still Beating

Hand to chest where I can feel
The rhythmic beating of a heart
That still pumps and beats and 
Lives inside my body even when
My chest feels empty and my heart
Hurts from the invisible wounds
Struck deep by cold words penetrating
All the defenses I thought I had
In place to keep you from getting in
Where the icy fingers of your love
In disguise did their dirty deeds
Under a watchful eye blind to all
The wickedness you were capable of
Rendering me crushed in the wreckage

Hand to chest I still feel my heart
Beating harder as I find myself
Climbing up higher than before
To a place where I can get perspective
On the damage done but I’m not done
The crash is in the past and I’m moving
Forward because I’m still alive in spite
Of all the hurt you’ve inflicted on me
I’m your unwitting student carrying
With me all the lesson I’ve learned
Building up better than last time
To keep me from falling so hard
When the next time comes around

I can still feel my heart beating
I can feel my heart healing
I can feel myself forgiving
You for all the things you did

I won’t let you do them again

A response to Ingrid’s prompt at d’Verse asking us “to revisit a time in your life when you have felt pain (emotional or physical, acute or chronic) and come out on the other side stronger.”

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


2 thoughts on “Poem: Still Beating

  1. This is very powerful: that persistent heartbeat that keeps on going even when we feel broken, the body’s constant repeated prayer. Those final lines represent real healing and recovery: the acts of both forgiveness and self love.

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  2. This is exquisitely drawn! The pain, the angst, the feelings of betrayal, the act of forgiving, and moving on depict the strength of fiery character. I especially resonate with; “Where the icy fingers of your love in disguise did their dirty deeds.” Yes. 💝

    Liked by 1 person

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