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Poem: Reading the Blanks

On this blank page I see a mirror
That’s reflecting me and deeper still
It shines with all those wishes
That I wish would be

I see you standing there beside me
Hand on my shoulder reassuringly
You’re whispering something
But I can’t quite make out the words
What was it you were saying
As you were leaving

Why can’t I remember your last words

Searching in the mirror deeper
To find those words that left
Such as impression on me
That I can’t find them still
To write them down to remind me
Of all the things I did wrong that lead
To that moment of frustration
Where you gave up and I gave in
And you swore to me never again

As I look into the mirror it’s getting darker
You’re further away than you’ve ever been
Why can’t I find the words to remember
To hold you here a little bit longer
Maybe it’s me who is moving

Maybe I’m finally moving along
Leaving behind these blank pages
Because the words on them are not for you
They’re for a girl who I have yet to know

The mirror is showing potential
I’ve got to go find that potential
Looking for those new words 
With new meanings
With all their possibilities 

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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