Poem: Dear Friend

Dear friend
I know it’s been a while
Since I wrote you but I’ve been thinking
Of you again and what I wanted to say
I think I found my voice again
Hidden between these pages
Where I used to wire lines for you
That I never meant for you to read
Reading them again brought you back
And in those lines I remembered you again

Dear friend
I know things have changed
Between us and for us and our situations
Have changed from those days listening
To Sound Garden in Nirvana shirts
Smoking joints and laughing at ourselves
With no regard for the consequences
That couldn’t catch us in our youth
Where I stopped and you kept running
I wonder where you’re out there running

Dear friend
I know you’ll never read these new words
Like you never read to old words
But I still write them anyway with hope
The universe will hear these thoughts
Carrying them to your heart 
Where you’ll feel them and think of me
Like I still think of you when I write 
All those things I couldn’t say to you
And I still don’t think I could say to you
Even though I still think of you

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.

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