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Poem: Nymph

There's a girl dancing in the rain
Splashing up high in puddles deep
On the outside may seem quite plain
Only to those who walk in sleep

To one who can truly see her
Will witness a nymph of allure
Whose beating heart the wild does stir
Behind a visage that is pure

To see her is to fall in love
Deeper than has ever been felt
A divine angel from above
Visiting on our earthen veldt

Hand to heart with a solemn vow
To love forever if allowed
No matter the question of how
Riding lightning of her storm cloud

The taste of her lips worth a life
Given up freely to abstain
From all discord and constant strife
To live free from the mortal plane

This week’s experimental poem is a fixed verse using an 8 syllable lines with an ABAB rhyme scheme. You can read more about this poetry form by clicking here.

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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