Poem: Bridges and Boats

Standing on easterly shore
I watch boats pass under the expanse
That stretches across the water
Connecting to the distant other side

And I think about the boats
That ferry from one side to the other
Always committed to a side as such 
They were used to represent death
You were either on the shore of life or not

The bridge spans the chasm between
Allowing free movement across the expanse
And back again allowing indecision
A lack of commitment to a solitary cause

It makes me realize I envy the boats
Who are fully committed to their destination

I wish I could be fully committed to a destination

Instead I stand on one shore
Considering the bridge that can bring me back
To safety if the journey is to perilous
Without having to learn if I have the strength
To be fully committed to where I am at
Without knowing there’s an easy way back

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.

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