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Poem: Number Ones

I can feel you watching me with private eyes
Wanting to take me up where we belong
Where all night long we can share in love
No more love on the run for the two of us
We built this city of passion between us
Amanda and I don’t ever want to leave
Especially since I think we’re alone now
Living with no rules like the wild wild west
And when I see you smile it reminds me
That love takes time and worth the wait
As you’re the cream of the crop perfect for me
Even as I wonder how do you talk to an angel
When you know I’d do anything for love 
And I’ll make love to you like you want me to
Because you’re my sweet sweet fantasy
All romance and no diggity when I’m burning for you
Like a candle in the wind that can’t be extinguished
That sings do wop to serenade your heart
I’m so smooth that you could never tell me know
Running to me with your arms wide open
This isn’t no family affair it’s just between you and I
Where you can lose yourself in our romance
And I can be your baby boy
And you can be my boo

A prompt from Lillian over at dVerse to utilize the title of #1 songs from my birthday in a poem. I used from my birthday through 2004 to write a complete poem.

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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