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Poem: Early Morning with Unanswered Questions

The silence of the wet street
Interrupted by the sounds
Our sneakers make as we walk
Following the stars away
From the sun soon to rise
Thinking that maybe if we keep on
We can delay the inevitable end
On this night where your lips
Found my lips for the first time
Changing everything inside of me
While you wore a mask of indifference
For me to project all my thoughts
With my hand finding your hand
And you allowing me to hold it
I felt hopeful there in those seconds
Noticing our shadows growing long
In the light of the waking sun
Serving as a warning it was time to go
Returning home before your dad awakes

On the front steps we stood eye to eye
With day and night still fighting for the sky
I tried to kiss you one more time goodbye
You smiled giving me your cheek leaving me
With more questions than answers as I stood
Alone on the stoop watching your door close

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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