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Poem: May This Marriage Be

As constant as the seasons
May this marriage be
Blooming in the spring
Tending in the summer
Reaping in the fall
Enjoying the bounty in winter 

As adaptive as the river
May this marriage be
Always moving and changing
While still being held
By familiar shores
Guiding you along

As strong as the mountain
May this marriage be
Rising high in majesty 
For others to see
A continually beacon
Of solidarity

As grounded as the tree
May this marriage be
With deep roots in place
Never bending or breaking 
Supporting the growth
Ever towards the heavens

As boundless as the sky
May this marriage be
Knowing no end
Even when darkness comes
Finding guidance in stars
To lead love onward

The experimental poem this week is my attempt at an Epithamalion, which is a poem blessing a wedding. You can read more about this poetry form by clicking here.

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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