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Poem: Walking on the Edge

She walks along the edge
Where consciousness crashes
Into the wilds of dreaming
Where the line between the two
Become uncertain as she dances
Confidently on the wire 
Out where they can see her
And she seems them watch
Unsure of if they’re real or memories
Yet she still moves confidently
Like an artist who creates
Stroke after stroke not knowing
What the end result will be
So she sings as she moves
Mostly to herself though others can hear
Left wondering if she’s singing to them
Or some other audience they can’t see
To her it doesn’t matter either way
Confidence moves her in spaces
Where others would pause stumbling
She never seems to fall
There’s something about a lonely girl
Out here all on her own
But she doesn’t notice
As she doesn’t notice
Anything else she just moves for herself
As the rest of the world is pulled along
Caught in the pull of what is
And all the possibilities she lives

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