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Poem: On a Cold Day in September

Some days when it’s rainy
And I can’t face the day
I try to stay inside until
It all fades away like a
Leaf on the wind drifting
Aimlessly then it lands
To ride the streaming current
Along these dirty city streets
Swirling and twirling 
Being washed away 
Into the gutter and that
Is how I feel some days
In cold gray September 
Where the rain won’t seem
To disappear and we’re all
Soaked to the bone ready
To go home where nothing
Waits for us there to dry up
Still chilled to the bone
Sitting in dark rooms all alone 
Wondering why we left at all
And that’s why I lie
Covers up to my chin
Hoping to wait it out
Until the rain washes
It all away again

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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