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Poem: Pleasure in Between the Lines

In this hours the world feels
Familiar and warm safe places
In intertwined hands 
Like a prayer to deaf gods
We whisper with eager lips

Focused on pleasures
That our bodies are sending
Ignoring the messages
That are being written
In between the lines

Bodies tangled together
Cannot lie in the same ways
That lips lie to each other
The truth of skin on skin
Speaks volumes to the soul

Focused on pleasures
That are fleeting at best
But are as honest as we get
When we’re with each other
In between the lines

The moment ends in distance
With skin electric still firing
From all the subtle touches
Culminating in complete release
Leaving us wanting more

Focused on pleasures
Now fading between us
Filled with silence listening
For some indication of what comes 
In between the lines 

The dizzy heights reached
Matched by the falling lows
Where no one is caught
By surprise on the familiar ride
Broken and happy at the end

Focused on pleasures
In between the lines

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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