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Poem: Impossible Horizon

On twisted up sheets we lay
The stars of a million dreams
Stretching to the four corners
Outward to infinity where we are
Spinning around without moving

She has the taste of my name
On a tongue that has tasted 
The forbidden delights that I
Promised when I called her
Name in the dark of night

There’s promises that are made
Written in forgotten languages
Lost when spoken by dry lips
Kisses by the morning daylight
That shatters our reflections

Her words cut like broken glass
When she calls for me and I’m not
There just a ghost in the darkness
A phantom of misplaced desires
Staining disheveled satin sheets

All the familiar faces we thought
We knew blending into a singular
Person who holds every memory
That these walls have ever seen
And she wants to tear them down 

Where in her dreams a figure walks
Tall and correct like she imagined him
She goes to her knees in worship 
Praying to a god she doesn’t believe
She won’t wake up alone again

Under the spinning stars she rests
Afraid if we sleep I will disappear
What she doesn’t see is I am
Already disappearing spinning
Towards the impossible horizon

The impossible horizon where
Love exist in an impossible place
Knowing it’s there just out of reach
I am the impossible horizon
That can  be seen never reached 

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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