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Poem: Leaving the Circus

I’m the clown in your circus
I’m the one one who twirls
To stumble down to the ground
At your feet in ballerina shoes
Where you dance circles around me
With perfectly choreographed grace

When I needed a hand up
You were nowhere to be found
When I needed big laughs
I got your disapproving frown
I know I’m the fool in the show
But my makeup is wearing thin

Smiling for crowds under the tent
The spotlight hides tears falling
While you’re still there dancing 
Collecting all of their applause
I could have  been the big star
If it wasn’t for your big shadow

The big top is tumbling down
Packing up to move to the next town
With the lights off everything looks dim
Maybe I will stay here this go round
Let my dancing princess keep her crown
A main attraction doesn’t need a clown

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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