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Poem: Poisoning the Well (Un)Intentionally

He carries venom in his voice
As he curses at the poisons 
They want to inject in his body
Believing that his friends know
Better than the doctors and
Better than simple probability
A 2.4% chance of getting a virus
With a .05% of dying from it
Are worse odds than the chance
.0000005% of adverse reaction
To a vaccine that has the chance
To not only protect him but also
Those around him he contends
That he cares for despite his
Inaction on the matter of prevention
Even now he’s unaware he has it
But shows no symptoms yet
His elderly mother and young son
Won’t be so lucky that their deaths
May serve to prove a point or
End in shrugged trite condolences
Of the tired “I guess it was god’s will”
And he will move on with no lesson
Learned or compassion gained
From pride leading to fatality 

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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