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Poem: Weather Changes

The weather is changing
Like things always are
In ways that we want
And in ways that we don’t
We can’t control
The things that are going
To come to us
Or run away from us
I thought I’d hold you
Forever until the end
Of our days
But you say you’re changing
Yet you look the same
To me
Beautiful as always
Even though there
Is sadness in your smile
I can feel it
As it holds my heart
In downturned corners
As the autumn street
Where we find ourselves
Enough to touch
Though we don’t touch
The distance grows
We don’t move
But we can feel it
I want to reach out
To hold you
Here with me
You’re already gone
As you stand
I wave towards you
Simply wordless

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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