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Poem: Meeting in the Evening Greeting in the Morning

When I first saw her across a room
The light seemed to attach to her
Glowing like a personal halo illuminating
Her as she danced alone in the crowd
Seemingly unapproachable in beauty
And with unworthy intent I approached
My shadow mingling with her halo
Together we danced a completion 
Of light and dark cumulating on our lips
Where our tongues danced in darkness
In night the shadow of victory complete
A temporary triumph because the sun
Always rises in the morning to chase
Away longer shadows bathing in light
Those things hidden and destroying
The aspects that cannot stand up
To the scrutiny of the morning
Here I lie exposed waiting on her
For judgement of deeds illuminated 
Wondering if my light can shine bright
Enough to make her notice me

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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