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Poem: Amazon and the City Jungle

The streets are filled
Brimming with boxes
Tents and other trappings
Of individuals striving
To live in the Amazon
City where nights out
For keyboard warriors
Equals a weeks worth
Of their pay as they work
Beneath the eye of tech
Revolution that usurped
Them from their dignity
Now scraping together
Enough to keep eating
The working homeless
Bearing the burden
Of words saying do better
Without direction of help 
On how to do better
So they sit warming
Hearts with bitterness
Dreaming of climbing up
Out a place of poverty
Not seeing systematic
Pressures keeping them
In a one sided struggle
Against the great machine
Preventing them seeing
That as they try to pull up
They are falling further 
Towards the concrete
Where they rest their heads
And if all goes as expected
They will draw their last 
Breath among discarded
Five dollar half drank coffee cups

This weeks experimental poem is an ecologue discussing the current state of the closest city me. For more information about this type of poem click here.

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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