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Poem: Songs Never to be Heard Again

Sing me to sleep
A sweet lullaby
About the prince
And the princess
Who never left 
Him by his side
Sing me a song
From angel lips
About a girl who
Never did die
Living forever
With her prince
Up in the sky
Scrappers above
The city below
Sing me a tale
About rising up
From lowest of lows
To taste dreams
Only imagined
Here down below
Sing me anything
Other than truth
I’m missing you
In the places where
You used to sing
With me together
Before the world
Got too heavy
For atlas to hold
Now fallen broken 
At my feet and you
Nowhere to be found
Having found forbidden
Wings at the bottom
Of a bottle of pills
Now I sing to myself
The words I’d want 
To hear you singing
To me in comfort
When your not here
To sing them to me

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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