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Poem: Forgetful City

I went searching for something
That I thought I had lost in California
Instead I found my dark haired beauty
Of sunset boulevard in bright colors
Designer heels sparking and diamonds
Looking like a movie stars dream
Especially next to me in ripped jeans
And sneakers with sole worn through 
You still gave me the time of day
Because you liked the way I smiled
When I laughed at my own jokes
That I guess made you laugh too
And while laughing over drinks
I suddenly realized how the city
Was a hungry beast and how easy
It was to forget yourself in her energy
Being caught up in the warm sun
With the energy of other lost souls
No is from LA we are all strangers
The city being our common friend

Even while I am here drinking and loving
I still think of you somewhere out there
Wondering if the city is treating you well
As it is treating me here in her embrace
Forgetting about everything before LA

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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