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Poem: Considering Weather 8/2/21

eastern sun drips wet
humidity in August
lingering at night

The California sun in August is hot, but shade provides relief. The sweat of a brow can be cooled by iced lemonade that sustains passions. On the west coast it’s never too hot for passionate kisses. Here I want to stick with you instead of being sticky as a byproduct of the weather. After the sun sets it cools enough for us to make things hotter. 

A quick haibun writing prompt on August from Frank over at dVerse.

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


13 thoughts on “Poem: Considering Weather 8/2/21

  1. Palm Springs in August is too hot–120 degrees during the day, and cooling to 100 at night. I lived in Redlands for several years and worked in PS. But yes, romance can erupt during a heat wave, or in an igloo.

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