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Poem: Dramatic Recollection

Do you see these paper scraps
These letters are all I have left
To remember my hearts beats
Written by Lena in years past
When we were both young 
Filled with the vigor of youth
I still remember the sound
Of her laugh that would fill
My soul with glee on her joy
Even now if I close my eyes
I can hear her yet and feel
A deep stirring in my chest
That only she has ever been
Able to create a now empty
Cavity where my love for her
Blossomed like a spring flower
Wilted to never bloom again
In its fully glory as it once did
Under her invigorating care

When others look upon me
Do they see the withered bloom
Or does somehow the beauty
Once imbued in me by her love
Still shine through the gloom

This week’s experimental is a dramatic monologue. You can read more about this poetry form by clicking here.

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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