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Poem: Queen of California

11:11 and I’m making my wish
To be with you where you are
I picture you standing there
In your underwear in front 
Of a full window overlooking
The lights of LA stretching out
A hazy horizon disappearing
And you’re presiding over it all
Like the Queen of the angels
Your subjects bowing with halos
The twinkling city lights brighter
Than all the stars you can’t see
Further away than mortal stars
Sleeping silent in your bedroom 
Disappointments every last one
Burning then cooling like passion
Spent on another meaningless
Night passing never alone still
Always alone with a single truth
That none of them knows you
The way I alone know you

It’s 11:12 and I’m alone wishing
That was the truth of the matter
I really don’t know and maybe
I never will and I haven’t found
My peace with the ambiguity 

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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