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Poem: Lost History

They said your name was Cindy
And gave you a last name of Smith
Since your parents had surrendered
Your care to the good Christian nuns
At Saint Carlisle where they taught
You how to be a moral and upright
All the lessons on a great loving God
While your friends slowly disappeared
Buried by chapel yard side by side
Victims of alleged undisclosed causes 
So you continued on your knees
Saying prayers and singing praise
To the misguided God of your captors 
Who sought to cleanse you of evil
That was inherent in your culture
According to them saving the children
From hell that they didn’t know of
Until they were taught by their saviors
Years on you’d learn of the lies swallowed
Leading to self doubt and depression
Wondering if your friends they buried
In unmarked graves had the better fate
As you struggle with loathing of both
Your god and your culture in retrospect
They stole your identity and the theft
Is of something that can not be regained 

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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