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Poem: Speeding through a Galaxy and Life

The world spins in the galaxy
Long sweeping swirls moving
At millions of miles per second
And I’m laying on my back wet
From dew of an early summer
Night watching the stars move
Almost imperceptibly knowing
That they are like my own life
Streaming by at high speeds
Though in the moment seems
So slow that it’s easy to forget
The speed at which it’s passing
Even moments in idle reflection
Time is passing by that is lost
Never to be regained as seasons
Of my life move from fall to gray
Of winter where I am slowing
Myself but in the slowing I see
Clearer the ending of my time
And crystal reflections behind
I am in the balance of meaning
Ever present and at peace now
Living in each moment I exist

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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