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Poem: On Swings and Old Relationships

The swings creak on rusty chains
In the summer Virginia humidity 
Kicking our legs between blue sky
Then green grass worn to dirt
We laugh talking about nothing
And everything all at once so often
As we’ve done so many other nights
Before this one and as always I feel
Your eyes on me wanting me in a way
That I don’t want you and you
Know this and you tolerate it as always
Because we’re good together
In the way that friends are good 
Together as companions not lovers
As we swing I know you won’t accept 
This arrangement and I’m not ready
To let it go so side by side we move
In opposite directions you falling
More and more in love and me
Already in heartbreak for an end
That is inevitably coming for us

Tonight though we laugh swinging
Both pretending it’s okay and will be
As long as we stay here in sunset
And fireflies swinging towards the moon

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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