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Poem: Pushing Away

Touching her hand to her heart
She reaches out seeking arms
To hold her like she wants to be
Held in where she felt safe and
Warm and completely comfortable
With herself where there was no
Judgment or condemnation of
Dreams of being all the things
That were possible in those arms
Now seemingly impossible without
Their reach enveloping  her and 
Pushing her to greater heights
Than ever seem possible in her
Wildest dreams she couldn’t imagine
And now she can’t imagine anything
Beyond the doors locked keeping
Her in an illusion of safety coming
From being alone in a place where
She can’t feel the hurt again felt
When she pushed him away not 
Believing that he was who he was
Until his honesty was clear to her
In his absence where she wasn’t
What she believed herself to be

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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