Poem: Not What it Was Dreamed to Be

She had to try out the dream
To find out it wasn’t the fantasy
Her mind has made it up to be
The girl who had been so free
Traveling the world on a whim
Convinced herself that a farm
Out in the country was for her
Watching the cows come and go
Day in and day became madness
A bovine clock ticking away 
Her life was marching herd
At a time when she should be
The one walking away out to
Greener pastures where hands
She holds won’t hold her down
Though her fences are invisible
They hold here only dreaming
Of the confines of the dream
Realized too late to recognize
It wasn’t the one she wanted

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “Poem: Not What it Was Dreamed to Be

  1. This is devastatingly beautiful to me. You describe a common tragedy of most: When their dreams are not the reality they hoped and pined for after all. I find most of our dream’s realities to be more boring, less of a rush than the dream we built up in our head. You state this beautifully, weaving a story throughout here that resonates with your audience. It’s wonderfully written and quite realistic.

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