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Poem: Illusioned

Wrapping ourselves in a flag of patriotism
We lose sight of what it means to be
An American when the myth of us is
Wrapped up in the illusion of individuals
Which is ironic since e pluribus unum
Strength comes from interdependency
Weakness comes from being divided
And divided we are on superficial issues
Like race gender who we love blinding
Us to the real division of the haves and
Have nots who would hold real power
If they could put aside their differences
Lifting each other up instead of pulling
Down into the mud where we stay mired
While those high on the hog get fatter
On the fruits of our labor tossing us
Scraps to fight over and oh do we have
Fight we just need to redirect our anger
Towards those shepherding our suffering
Instead of the others who are with us

What will it take to rise when our backs
Have been broken but we don’t feel
Them pressed against the wall so we 
Growl over our scraps thinking that 
If our hunger is great enough we will
Grow fat and pull ourselves up where
We think we belong ignoring that our
Fattening is getting us ready for slaughter

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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