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Poem: Waiting in the Gilded Cage

Lena was raised on violin lessons 
and minimal parental supervision
like a wild animal pacing in a cage
she grew licking her lips in hunger
at the world outside her gilded prison
with folks just beyond the spotlight 
applauding her sterling performance
with hands in sterile velvet gloves
giving praise without love without touch
the thing she desired so much
to be stroked and petted as an object
of adoration instead of amusement
but the only comfort she found
was the cold wood of the violin
that when alone she would make shriek
instead of singing songs of appeasement

Like a caged wild animal she waited
patiently pacing always looking
for that moment to pounce
as predators will always do
no matter how tame they appear
to those who feel safe on the other side

The detectives found her playing
her violin over the bodies
like Nero fiddling while Rome burned
though experts on caged animals
know that the first kill is for sport
it is the event that feeds the hunger
of the beast's nature to hunt again

Placed inside a real cage Lena paces
content now knowing her time is short
as a minor there is a limit to imprisonment
soon she will be free to hunt again

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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