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Poem: Slow Down Slow Down

Slow down slow down
She said taking a step
Back towards the edge
Perched uncertainly
Going up on her toes
Reaching towards skies
Hazy red from light
Pollution in a city that
Never seems to sleep
And here we are awake
I’m watching her and she
Is watching god knows
What behind closed eyes
We have all night she says
As usual she’s forgetting
How fast the pale moon
Moves as it streams away
Like a sinking ship inevitably 
Going down like we are now
When she jumps she jumps
Into my arms one more time
Not jumping into the arms
Of the city that won’t catch
Her like I do that would let
Her fall like I won’t lifting 
Her up gently to set her
Down on tiptoes she stands
Kissing me before walking
Back to the edge again 

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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