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Poem: Searching for Identity

Removing mask after mask
Peeling away the layers and
Years of pretending she did
To appease them and to fit in
Searching under search for
The girl who first put on 
The first mask that had an
Askew smile that hid the tears
And then she added one who
Was always interested in what
He had to say while being bored
But keeping all those interesting
Things to herself hidden behind
Another mask she put on to talk
About makeup and gossip vapid
Distractions that made them like
Her as she liked herself less but
She still put on another mask yet
Again appealing to his ego stroking
His sense of self while withering
Behind masks each layer crushing
Down further the girl who used to
Know who she was and what 
She wanted and she wonders if
Somewhere down inside that girl
Still exists looking up through
Fake smiles fake lashes fake laughs
To see what is real that still lasts
Deep inside her where she still
Grows even buried deep in dirt
The roots hold and growth reaches
Up to feel the sun again to grow
On self established merits screaming
This is who I am at last witness me

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