Poem: A Girl Calm in Turmoil

Mina is the girl all the boys talk about
She’s the one that fills their dreams
And makes other girls doubt who
They are in moments in her presence
No one sees her when she’s alone
With all of her thoughts circling
About her brain like vultures waiting
To swoop and pick apart the remains
While she’s screaming in the dark
Where no one knows her name and
Tears that she cries she cries for 
Herself a lonely girl who just wants
To feel secure in her skin that others
Adore her for on the outside never
Getting more than skin deep where
All of her self doubt resides beneath
Like a shark under the waves waiting
To break the surface and consume
Any who would get too near at least
That’s how she treats others she holds
Out at arms length where they can see
The smiling facade without seeing
The teeth hiding behind tightly closed
Lips trying to contain those things 
Trying to spill out into the world and
Chase them all away she smiles so pretty
While locking herself tightly in place

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.

7 thoughts on “Poem: A Girl Calm in Turmoil

  1. For some reason as I read through this a few times, I recalled a few werewolf movies where the man (are there even any women werewolves in the world of cinema?) knows the full moon is coming and begs his loved one to chain him in the locked room until it passes. How many werewolves wish they could cure themselves and not have to be locked up every month?

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    1. I suppose it would depend on the nature of the person. Some I imagine would relish the freedom of being a beast and acting as one. Others would feel the remorse; I imagine for those who felt remorse they would be driven towards madness of seeking out the wilderness or ending themselves.

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      1. Or just finding someone to chain them up when needed! I think that a lot of people use mind-altering substances as remedies for either of these extremes, where most individuals fall somewhere in the middle ground.

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