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Poem: Holding Down Those Who Would Rise Up

From up high the world seems small
From here son Abel can see it all
Misdeeds washed away 
In the valley of humanity

Down below bathed in deep shadows
Brother Cain calls out what he knows
Down here in dark
Is where man is made

In between Sisyphus is pushing
The boulder of his life up the hill
Each time nears he falters
Rolling back down into sin

On the mount watching human folly
Azrael is sharpening his blade 
Down bellow in miasma
Baal is waiting patiently

The lofty creatures from up high
Are always ready to strike down
While the creatures of the murk wait
Watching to see what will become

All the striving towards the light
Towards goals unachievable 
Away from those allowing for growth
Knowing they’ll be cut down

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


One thought on “Poem: Holding Down Those Who Would Rise Up

  1. My takeaway from your poem is to strive for the ideal of Abel while acknowledging we fall any and everywhere on the spectrum between the heights and the depths. That, I think is the stone.

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