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Poem: Ashcans on Horatio Street

Among the refuse and ash cans
and the girls hitching up their skirts
down along the walks of Horatio street
are the kids with dirt under their nails
trying to hustle for some mouthfuls
of stale bread from Vinnie’s place
shouting at smartly dressed passerby’s 
walking speedily past towards Chelsea
with heads buried in newspapers
reading of tragedies elsewhere
beyond the streets in front of them
pretending they can’t hear the cries
from the street echoing like lions
roaring in the jungle growing frustrated
at the lack of red meat licking their lips
sharpening their claws with hunger
growling in their bellies as they plot
how to pounce on unsuspecting zebras
walking through their concrete savanna

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


2 thoughts on “Poem: Ashcans on Horatio Street

    1. I was reading about the Ashcan art movement and how it was trying to call attention to the population in cities ignoring some of the darker aspects of culture, so it seemed to be a fitting line to fit in.

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