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Poem: Strawberry Sweet

Strawberries red ripening in the sun
Ready to be plucked off and savored
Sucking sweetness from a deep kiss
Juices run down sun kissed skin
Pooling in the corner 
Of a lovers smile
Beckoning me
To kissing

A poem written as a reverse etheree (descending syllable count from 10) as a response to the dVerse prompt by Kim about fruit.

I’m also double dipping, and using it as my submission for #TankaTuesday for Word Craft: Prose & Poetry.

Be sure to check out both sites for awesome works and prompts.

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


38 thoughts on “Poem: Strawberry Sweet

  1. Beautiful, sweet, romantic, and sensual. Strawberries are symbols of so much whether it be intimacy, darkness, or sweetness. I think you encapsulated it all in here, the cherishing of such sweetness and how it beckons itself to the narrator. You did great writing in this poetic form, it flows naturally. Very beautifully penned!

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  2. A mouth can definitely be likened to a fresh-picked warm sweet strawberry. I just planted a cast iron tub with strawberry plants and will be thinking kisses when I pick the first berry. Nice poem.

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  3. A sweet strawberry-shaped reverse etheree, that tantalised my taste buds! I love the thought of ‘sucking sweetness from a deep kiss’. I haven’t been strawberry picking for years – a must for this summer.

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  4. Yummy. What a nice display and verse. Strawberries are my favorite fruit. I could eat them until I’m sick, but you did one better, you immortalized them in your poem. 🙂

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