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Poem: Walking Down an Old Pier Still Changing

Walking down the old pier at sunset
In the shadows of twilight I see
Ghosts sitting at the water's edge
Toes dipped into water cool for May
The heat of summer still months off
Still they linger with toes going numb 
Talking and laughing over cups of coffee
Hoping the caffeine will keep them going 
Until the earth eclipses the moon
On the horizon rises the same
Full flower moon of May marking changes
From spring to summer as a reminder
That even the same moon hanging in the sky
Constantly changes and even when it appears
The same as it ever was it’s not the same
And it will never be again serving
As a constant reminder of the importance
Of every passing moment as it will change
Even as we are in it together watching
Moving imperceptibly to something different 

Written as a response to the What Do You See (#WDYS) prompt.

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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