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Poem: A Masochistic Love Letter to a Reluctant Sadist

The whip licks at my back

Like the tongue of an angry lover
Leaving her blood red kisses
In luscious lines down my spine
Exquisite excitement entangled
With excruciating agony teasing
Further aggression in your anger
At my apathy lacking anguish
From your primitive punishments
Priming me for primal pleasures
You brand me with banal taunts
Smiling slyly with satisfaction
We’re both anal in different ways
You twist up your face in disgust
As I beg breathlessly do it again
Hoping for hurt to bring me to heel
At your feet like a favorite pet
To be kicked in raging displeasure
And coming back over and over
Shaking in my shackles of suffering
Your infernal instruments write on flesh
Drawing blood ink into my inspiration
“You can’t be a proper writer
Without a touch of madness, can you?”
Your touch drives me to the perfect madness

A response to Mish’s prompt “To go ahead, make my day” at dVerse based on the quote “You can’t be a proper writer without a touch of madness, can you?” from the movie Quills (2000).

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


28 thoughts on “Poem: A Masochistic Love Letter to a Reluctant Sadist

      1. just read part of the wiki article. 32 years in an insane asylum!?!? he must have had some very dangerous thoughts that threatened powerful people.


      2. It was a popular option back then. They just weren’t ready for 50 Shades of Sade. (though I’m sure being on the cusp of an enlightenment revolution also didn’t help his cause among the monarchy).

        Liked by 1 person

      3. “50 Shades of Sade” lol. I think a lot of people were thrown into asylums for many different reasons connected to threatening the power structure at some level. It’s funny that a person who wrote in so many formats on so many subjects is only remembered for his kinky sexual preferences.


      4. There were a lot of great thinkers at that time, it was his lewd writings that differentiated him. To be fair, it was a type of freedom that most other people probably wouldn’t touch; in the same way, as much as Freud is ridiculed now, in repressive times, acknowledging people have sexual lives is rebellious.


  1. This is deliciously dark and emotive! Especially like; “Your infernal instruments write on flesh/Drawing blood ink into my inspiration.”💝


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