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Poem: Reflections of the Flower Moon

Daylight fades into what would seem to be another night. Sitting in the sand with a half drank bottle of wine between us. I was feeling it so I knew you must be feeling it. I was thinking about kissing you. Back then I didn’t wonder as much about what other people were thinking. It was then you remarked about the full moon hanging on the horizon. You asked if I knew what it was called. I feigned interest and said I have no idea.  You told me it was the flower moon, so named because of the wildflowers that bloom in the month of May. Ever smooth, I called you my wildflower as I felt my love for you bloom there in the pale light shimmering on the river. 

The May flower moon
Eclipsed by the Earth’s shadow 
Floral to blood moon

Reflecting deep red
Like my heart that pumps for you
Waiting for your touch

An attempt at a haibun in response to the d’Verse prompt on the Flower Moon this month.

The form consists of one to a few paragraphs of prose—usually written in the present tense—that evoke an experience and are often non-fictional/autobiographical. They may be preceded or followed by one or more haiku—nature-based, using a seasonal image—that complement without directly repeating what the prose stated.

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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