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Poem: A Bird Alone Optimistic

Feather wings spread wide
Filled with gusts of air
Soaring high outside
In the blue skies fair

He sings his sweet tune
To an unseen mate
Hoping soon she’ll swoon
And love will be fate

Chirping on alone
Looking in the leaves
Where shadows are thrown
Long among green eaves

As the day’s sun sets
Singly he flies on
In dark unfound yet
Settling down til dawn

Resting heavy eyes
As the moon rises
In indigo skies
Mind still apprises 

The lonely bird sings on for what day brings
Being too late to avoid lonely fate

This poem is a Chanso poem, inspired by the prompt at Go Dog Go Café. The poem is 6 stanzas; the first 5 are 5 syllables each, the last two are 10 syllables. It follows an ABAB rhyme scheme.

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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