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Poem: Experience Disconnect

Like a see-saw out of balance
Stuck with feet off the ground
Kicking against the air
Trying to come back down
But the grounding of her brain
Has become negative space
A neurological erosion
By all the drugs she takes
To bleed her sadness dry

So numb to the outside
That gravity has given up
Trying to hold her down
Way down below she sees
All the places where she dwelled
Before soaring to new heights
Where the air is thin and meaningless
She kicks her feet at nothing
Swinging freely in the breeze

With closed eyes she leans back
To see if earth will catch her

A prompt from Go Dog Go Café:

Today’s prompt: Write a poem that uses the words negative, balance, and erosion.

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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