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Poem: 4’33”

The click of a light
Hard cover scraping
Against a shelf
And other books
Creaking of the spine
As it is opening
Rustling of paper
Movement of pencils
In a wire mesh case
Dry lips licking
A graphite edge
Before scratching out
Of letters dragged
Across rough paper
Sighs of frustration
Scribbling out errors
The clock still ticks
As finger nails itch
Chin stubble
Lead shedding again
Until a sigh is released
Chair creaking leaned back
Rattling as pencil is sent home
Slamming book cover
Eased back on to shelf
Flick of the lights switch
Giving space back to silence

Today’s poem was inspired by a musical number, 4’33”, I learned about.

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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