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Poem: An Old Man Confronting Youth

Drinking in the night
Drunk on all her vanities
Sleeping it off during the day
Short memories give away
The suffering we have brought

Drinking the river
Of wisdom that flows along
Years that for an old man grows long
With regrets of loneliness
From poor decisions of youth

A palinode on the freedom of youth rebuked by the resulting loneliness of old age.

Inspired by the prompt at d’Verse.

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


23 thoughts on “Poem: An Old Man Confronting Youth

  1. This is absolutely outstanding! I love the contrast between “Drunk on all her vanities/Drinking the river of wisdom,”.. it shows how age alters the way we perceive things and act in accordance. 💝

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  2. There’s a delightful subtlety to this. Despite the clear contrast, my first reading felt a strong blend of the stanzas which made it feel all the more clever. Nice honest work, a nudge with a, “See? Poetry.”

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  3. Youth is wasted on the young, that’s for sure … This is a crisp fulcrum between follies of youth and wisdom of age. It’s also a fine metaphor for the lousy place we’re now in as aged and rueful citizens of a badly damaged earth.

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