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Poem: The Cowboy and the Samurai a Narrative

I was a cowboy in America
Before crossing the pacific divide
In feudal Japan I now ride

I a samurai 
With an ancient blade of steel
Protecting my home

With pistol at my side
I came seeking out fame
And to escape an outlaws shame

Under rising sun
Prepared for final battle
Standing in the field

Confronting a new enemy
Another battle soul brother
Still faceless like all the others

Recognition here
Warriors in a battle
For a way of life

Even before I draw down
Recognition sets in
Both are has beens

Between he and I 
Time passes as a river
Ever on the same

Who lives another day
Versus the one that shatters
For today it doesn’t matter

A peace flows onward
Even as self is destroyed 
Living forever 

I know that wars are won
Even a victory that is perfect 
Will give birth to new conflict

A response to the d’Verse prompt on narrative voice. To capture the two different voices I used two different poetry approaches. For the cowboy I used an ABB rhyme scheme, and for the samurai I used haiku for the voice.

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


21 thoughts on “Poem: The Cowboy and the Samurai a Narrative

  1. I love the form you have employed here, weaving two distinct voices to tell the story from both sides of the battle. I’m left wondering if there are any real winners…


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