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Poem: Redheaded Lady of the Pines

There’s a red headed beauty waiting
On the outskirts of town out past the pines
Patiently swaying to music in the moonlight
Calling my name telling me to leave it all behind
Barefoot in blue jeans we dance in the clearings
Out in the shadows beyond the bonfire light
The smile on her red lips and flame of her hair
Bounce and whirl with the music of the night
On a whisper she’s calling me close
Before she’s pulling me down to the grass
Laughing as we both tumble rolling
Until she’s on top where she wants to be
Leaning down with that bite of her lip telling me
What she has on her mind without saying a word
I let her kiss me and she set the world on fire
We’re out here as one body burning together 
Burning bright out beyond the bonfire light

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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