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Poem: If Wonder Was

If wonder existed as a person here
It would be the shape of a educator
A person who teaches others without fear
Who themselves exists as a learned creator
One who can help the next generation steer
To their own person not an imitator
The timeless teacher treasured gift giver
Worth more to the learner than gold or silver

This weeks experimental poem is an Ottava Rima, eight lines of 10-11 syllables following an ABABABCC rhyme scheme.

For more information about Ottava Rima click here.

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


11 thoughts on “Poem: If Wonder Was

      1. My pleasure.😊 Fantastic! What do you teach? Online? We can’t please everyone, especially if they earn a low mark. I taught HS English for many years and added community college the last few years. I took a much needed break in the fall of 2019. My teaching looks different now – online writing workshops with an AZ author. I do not miss the grading, but I do miss the students and the actual teaching. At this point, I would only consider PT college level. 😁 I am happy to share your sweet poem with my teacher friends.

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      2. I teach online master’s level counseling courses. I agree with you though, if I could teach without assignments I would love it even more. It’d be awesome to be paid as a guest lecturer.

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      3. Outstanding. Certainly a need for qualified and well-trained counselors. Even more so with the pandemic disrupting lives. Your counseling expertise explains your deep understanding of emotions. Being able to interpret those poetically is a gift, not taught through counseling coursework. In my opinion.
        Guest lecturer… yes! If we keep at it, maybe colleges will pay us to read our poetry. 😁 It could happen! 😂

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      4. I meant to go to school for writing, but my ever practical mother said go learn something you can make money at and then write on the side. Years on I can’t fault her for the advice.

        And thanks for the encouraging words and positive thinking for the dream, maybe someday.

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      5. My father was Mr. Practical too. Ironically, I am sure you did plenty of writing in your non-writing degree program. I was drawn to teaching reading and writing due to my love for both. I quickly learned that teaching writing left little time or energy to write for myself. Oh well, I am grateful for my experience. I am making the time now!

        You are most welcome. 😊 Let’s keep writing and those somedays will take care of themselves.

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