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Poem: Bridge to Dreams

Stretching her arms to the skies
she reaches with outstretched fingers
to try to touch the stars 
that no matter how hard she tries
remain just out of reach

~in dreams she soars~

Strapped into her rocket ship
a doctor of astrophysics prepares
to fly into the infinite beyond
that she has opened for herself
so she could touch the stars

This is a Puente written as a response to the prompt at dVerse.

…a modern poetry form call the Puente, which means bridge in Spanish. This form uses a line with a tilde (~) to connect two stanzas. The first and third stanzas must have the same number of lines, but there is no set number of lines, as long as the two stanzas match. They can be rhymed or unrhymed. The bridge line is one single line connecting the first and third stanzas. The last line of the first stanza and the bridge line are a couplet, and the bridge line and the first line of the third stanza are a couplet. The bridge line then often connects stanzas written from different points of view or about different ideas.

Poetics: Building a Bridge

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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